African Basket Storage

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I used to be a "neat nick", but am now mother to three toddlers who aren't minimalists. Is tidiness not hereditary?? They wanted pacifiers, my little ponies, and now (death of me) legos:/

I love having a place for everything so it can easily be tucked away when the need for zen sets in.. several times a day. But it seems, that within moments (less than an hour max) they get it all back out, and I want to tear my clothes and run for the hills. *Enter hand woven baskets to soothe my soul.

Here they sit, (on any surface in any home to catch all) Islands, coffee tables, side tables, shelves, hell the floor looking cool as can be, and holding really anything, literally anything.

Here are a few of my favorite places to find them! Now go out grab a few, put your crap in them, and feel better already, ahhhhh.


A Few Of My Favorites

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