Sheesh that's Cool

Growing up in West Texas, there were two things I deemed cool that I knew weren’t a reality for my life. Ice skating (thanks Nancy) and Surfing. So, it’s not surprising that as an adult I still feel the awe when I’m around surfers/ surf boards/ or surfing paraphernalia of any sort. I’m like, “Sheesh! That’s cool!”.

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The last project I completed was for a good friend of mine, who happens to surf. She has all these cool boards that needed a place to chill, and so we put one in almost every room. During this process I realized there are lots of designer surfboards out there for this very purpose of home stying. Most of them you can still take out for a spin, if your cool enough to surf, which I’m not, and If you’re not, that’s cool too!

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Here are a few of my favorites

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