The Wolfe Den

Meet the real survivor in the Wolfe family, Color. He has become a best friend to all and is incredibly patient while all of my children compete to make him the ultimate habitat to chill in. The "habitats" often consist of blocks, doll furniture, and any creepy crawlers they can find in the back yard to keep him company in his new pad. They really are all mini designers I guess!

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A few weeks ago, the kids asked me if they could take "Color" outside while we played and I said, " sure"(begrudgingly) because when he's out of his cage I have to make sure they treat him humanely, which is just extra work for me, you get it. I'm tired. About 30 minutes later, he was, well undetectable. He's chameleon so that's tricky because his superpower is camouflage, but we looked for a long while and I started to get really frustrated, and said things like, "chameleons don't just grow on trees you know! Which I guess technically they actually do:/, but whatever.

In the end, I found him.

I was mother f-ing hero. But sadly, it was tainted by bad attitude during the search. Imagine how great it would have been had a stayed cool, a good reminder indeed. Stay cool, my friends.

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