The Ben Higgins Project : BEFORE


Last week we officially kicked off "The Ben Higgins Project" (you know, from The Bachelor, Generous Coffee, yup that one...). As an epic Bachelor fan, I've been chomping at the bit to begin, and I'm happy to report that Ben is every bit as intelligent, funny, kind, and generous as you might expect! I've spent most of my adult life as a secret bachelor fan, I wouldn't have admitted to it if you'd asked, but now I’m free to be me, and I love the bachelor, there I said it. I encourage all of you to tell the truth, you love the Bachelor too. It’s hands down the the best how on television, sorry Survivor. 

I've spent the last month working remotely to create a design plan for Ben's 1904 brick bungalow. So, meeting the house was also an unknown for me, and I must say, she's a real beaut! Still intact, are the original wood flooring, large scale trim, and huge windows which equaled an enormous amount of glorious light.  

Most of the house simply needs a facelift, we're thinking grasscloth wallpaper, new lighting, and of course lots of killer furniture/ rugs/ etc. It will be modern, minimal (of course) and somehow nostalgic, yet super livable.

The kitchen needs a bit more attention/ magic. New countertops, appliances (which may or may not be green), open shelving, and some kick ass clay-tile flooring are on order. We're also planning a really legit coffee bar for this really legit coffee company owner, to make some legit coffee. 


The ultimate challenge here is going to be the basement.  It's unfinished, has low ceilings, and an exposed laundry room. We aren't planning to spend much of the budget here, bigger fish to fry and all that, but we are going to get creative down there and figure out a way to make it a usable guest space for Ben's guests (I have no idea how, but fake it til you make it, right dad?)!


Can’t wait for the “Afters!”

Kim Wolfe