The Pup Chair

Raise your hand if you are anything like me and spent years and $$$ buying chair after chair for your kids, only to have them destroyed by outdoor elements or indoor insanity, finding yourself scrambling to hide them when people came over.


You with me?

I am here to tell you that after many a trial and error I have figured it out.

Introducing the Pup Chair.
It is reclaiming your child's seat in any room.

It is a remix of a retro piece that your kids can't destroy.
Tell them to knock themselves out trying.

Each chair is handcrafted in Austin, TX and covered in the chicest shades of naugahyde (cue the nostalgia)- we are talking colors that won't make you cringe when you walk into your living room.

Because sometimes the 1960's got it right.


Get notified when the Pup Chair is available for our limited release spring 2019.